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Dwelling for Humanity

Welcome to My Dwelling Journey

Sara's Bio

ara. A. Ahmed is a disruptive leader, human rights advocate, and a highly-motivated Masters of Public Administration candidate, with global perspectives, specializing in humanitarian projects, strategic planning, advocacy, and public policy projects management.

Crafting a personal, academic, and professional brand to dwell for humanity and empower people in her community and in the USA, Sara has a special focus on Philanthropy, Government Relations, Middle East Studies, and Women and Gender Equality and Empowerment Causes to ensure equal economic, education, and public policy inclusion.

As a passionate scholar, professional, and community leader, Sara supports humanitarian and human rights causes through international development projects. Competing with 60,000 Egyptian candidates, Sara was sponsored twice by the American Government for two prestigious scholarships awards to pursue her education as a Fulbright scholar in the United States. (2013-2017).
In one of her ‘dwells’, Sara negotiated a partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Youth to sponsor an initiative to empower underprivileged girls in Egypt; an ongoing project still.

Interning at Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s office represented an unparalleled opportunity to Sara to grasp new notions about international relations and how they interrelate with the issues of public and private sectors domestically and internationally.

Sara was interviewed by Voice of America and was featured in NH Union Leader and the American Friends Service Committee for supporting resettlement efforts for refugees.

Sara believes that freedom, dignity, and equality are challenges that can be addressed with a multicultural understanding between nations, that is why she writes articles about philosophy, literature, and human rights.

Sara Afifi





Surround yourself with people who want to set a change and leave a footprint in their life and yours. Are you ready to dwell with me to make a difference?

Dwelling in Enlightenment

Dwelling in Possibilities and Receiving Miracle into My Academic, Personal,Advocacy, and Professional Life.

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Malcom X Said "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today".

Educational Passports with Scholarship Stamps this is Sara’s first dwelling Journey

MBA- Public Administration Southern New Hampshire University (2015-2017)

Sara earned another prestigious scholarship sponsored by the American Government to study for her Masters Degree of Business and Public Administration. Sara received the Highest Honors Award Distinction in the MBA Program she pursued. During this journey, Sara analyzed and conducted research work on public administration and policies to gain knowledge and implement a real change. The Graduate Assistant position at Deborah L. Coffin Women Center on Campus was recommended by the University President Paul LeBlanc because of Sara’s efforts trying to get international women scholars integrated into the American Community.

Manchester, New Hampshire

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Houston Community College Business Management Certificate- Fulbright (2014)

Sara was sponsored for a Fulbright and Department of State prestigious scholarship to earn a Certificate of Business Management Award in the Fulbright Community College Initiative Program (CCIP). Sara spent a year in the USA as an exchange scholar and earned her certificate and a Dean’s List Award for achieving the highest GPA in her program with A Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Award.

Houston- Texas

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Faculty of Languages (Al- Alsun) Ain Shams University (2005)

Sara graduated in the Faculty of Languages, Department of English with a Bachelor’s Degree in English language and Literature.

Cairo- Egypt

Skills Portfolio

“Always bear in Mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing” Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865).

Inspired by Lincoln’s words, Sara has the determination to believe that she shall surely acquire the capacity and skills to dwell more for humanity.

Active Listening and Communication Skills
Public Speaking
Budgeting , Financing , and Fundraising
Language Skills
Diversity and Multiculturalism
Project and Time Management
Interpersonal Skills
Leadership and Teamwork
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Professional Dwelling Bio

Sara has over (11) years of professional dwelling experience serving in different roles for nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, the private sector, and internationally recognized organizations as a manager, advocate, business development leader and strategic planner to deliver an impact in national, regional, and international development of humanitarian, human rights, and international civic engagement.
From Informational Technology Companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, OnAir, - to government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations, Sara utilizes the technical, leadership, negotiation, and problem solving skills grasped to develop a distinctive skills portfolio to better serve the current professional international assignments with impressive industry awards.

During her dwelling journey, Sara served in different roles for nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, the private sector, and internationally recognized organizations as a manager, advocate, business development leader and strategic planner to deliver impact in national, regional, and international development of humanitarian, human rights, and international civic engagement.



” Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.” Buddha
What They Uttered about Sara

Causes and Organizations Sara Supports

As a disruptive leader and a real change agent, Sara served and still supports these causes and organizations. She cultivates positive actions to promote compassion and support toward humanitarian causes.

Education and Youth Leadership and Engagement
  • The National Algerian Council for Youth Awareness Services (Algeria).
  • Egypt Scholar’s Inc. Egypt.
  • Look in Mena. Syria.
  • Rice University U.S.
Hunger and Poverty Alleviation
  • The Beacon Homeless Shelter. Houston Texas. U.S
  • Oxfam America. U.S.
  • Unicef. U.S.
  • World Food Program U.S.
Disaster and Humanitarian Relief.
  • The International Rescue Committee U.S.
  • UNHCR-UN Refugee Agency U.S.
  • Catholic Relief Services. U.S.
  • Mercy Corps U.S.
Socio-economic Empowerment
  • Deborah L. Coffin Women Center U.S.
  • Women for Women International U.S.
  • Save the Children U.S.
  • Care Egypt and U.S.
Civil and Human Rights for Social Equality
  • National Council for Human Rights Egypt.
  • Human Rights Watch U.S.
  • Scholars at Risk U.S.
  • United Nations U.S.
Media exposure
Voice of America
NH Angle Newspaper
International Institute of New England
The Wilson Center
Newspapers/Public speeches
NH Union Leader Newspaper
American Friends Service Committee
Pathways to Empowerment at Rice University
Fulbright Commission in Egypt- Amideast

Go Global!

Sara participates in projects that involve organizations and individuals from over (30) countries to promote equality, Human Rights, and multiculturalism.

South/Central/Northa America
Professional Experience 11 Years Funds Raised $ 20,000 Education Degrees 3 Countries and People Served 30 Standardized Tests Taken 5 Tests Academic Research Papers 45 Generated Hopes

Dwelling and Cherishing the Moments of Happiness by Serving and Smiling

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Could not Come Closer to President Obama.

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Brazilian Cultural Festival Promoting Education, Good Health, and Vibrant Culture

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“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves; and under the rule of a just God, cannot long retain it.” Abraham Lincoln

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One Day I Will Make It With a Moving One On the Road.

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Introducing a Traditional Egyptian Costume in an International Festival.

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Cooking Egyptian Koshri for a group of International Students With a Smile

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Smile Even if You are Waiting for Bus # 8

Dwelling by Writing Sara uses her talent in writing to promote awareness of humanitarian causes in both languages Arabic and English. She writes about political, economic, and social issues in the Middle East and the USA.

Sara’s Advocacy Work

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