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Advocacy Through Intergovernmental Relations and Public Policy
(January- August 2016- Senator Jeane Shaheen’s Office Legislative Intern)

Driven by the interest to work in the public sector to make the world a better place by influencing policies, I had an unparralled opportunity to spend (8) months at Senator Shaheen’s Manchester Office.
The delicate nature of advocacy, multiculturalism, and the legislative process was never more immediately clear than when I was drafting Senator Shaheen’s letters to respond to different constituents’ inquiries. On daily basis, citizens’ services addressed issues of Public Transportation, Education, Taxes, Healthcare, National Security, Environment, Politics, and Human Rights to reshape my whole perception of the intergovernmental relations of advocacy and public policy.
I closely witnessed how Senator Shaheen’s office fiercely advocated for people’s right to affect government and non-government community organizations and individuals’ decisions and perspectives on different citizen’s causes.
  • During the internship Experience, I learnt a great deal about the legislative process. One of the best parts of my experience had been accompanying the Senator on one of her busy days responding to invitations and highlighting the political contexts of issues, such as Immigration, Islamophobia, and Opioid crisis.

  • The most remarkable event I attended was the ceremony of the New Americans Naturalization where I have seen many happy faces declared as U.S. citizens.

  • A second distinctive event was to accompany Senator Shaheen in her visit to the Islamic Society of New Hampshire where the Muslim community members shared their concerns about Islamophobia. I was inspired by Senator Shaheen’s ability to remain collected throughout the event by using her credible communications skills to comfort these worries by emphasizing how it is important to be sure that the USA is a country that does not allow discrimination based on religion to control how people are served.

  • The final event allowed me to see Senator Shaheen interacting with her constituents. I attended a meeting with members from Hope for NH Recovery, a grass roots organization of people in recovery, family members and others who support addiction recovery. I could learn about this great organization and see the Senator in her element, listening to the concerns of her constituents.

  • I have a deep sense of gratitude to that experience; it me realize how efficient a government representative should act; I respect Senator Shaheen and her team for their sincere dedication to serve constituents and to teach me many new notions about Government and Public Polocy.

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