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Multiculturalism and Academic Research

  • Believing in education, academic research work, and multiculturalism, I volunteered and interned with organizations that promote academic research in different fields.
  • Egypt Scholars is an independent, non-profit organization founded on the principle of volunteerism.
  • The organization started off in 2012 as a small group of graduate students and professionals living in different parts of the world yet all sharing the same dream; the dream that Egypt would one day regain its position as a beacon of knowledge, science and discovery. Out of this dream emerged the early beginnings of the organization as an online learning hub bringing together students, scholars, and professionals from all walks of life.
  • (Egypt Scholar’s Values)
  • With Egypt Scholar’s I conducted preliminary research, organized, and delivered training courses to organization teams.
  • Rice University and the Arab American Foundation

  • Arabic is a beautiful language. It was a surprise to find the Egyptian Dialect being taught at Rice University in Houston Texas. I was encouraged to make a difference by assisting in teaching Arabic to learners who have different reasons for learning Arabic.
  • The tasks included analyzing and instructing students’ projects in terms of Arabic language efficiency

    The Arab American Educational Foundation

    The (AAEF) was established in 1985 to promote understanding of Arab culture, history and language, through the endowment of university chairs and the sponsoring of academic programs, lecture series, cultural performances, scholarships, and research.
    The AAEF has no political or religious affiliation, and depends solely on the generosity of its donors.
    My tasks included organizing and facilitating events that promote multiculturalism and understanding between nations.

    AMIDEAST, Educations USA, Soliya, and Fulbright Commission in Egypt

    As a previous exchange student sponsored twice by the American government, I wanted to pay back in a useful way. I was encouraged by my experience in the USA to volunteer and intern with organizations promoting exchange students’ programs.
    Attending scholars’ predeparture orientations and sharing my experience with students travelling to study abroad has been a great experience on reflecting and passing the knowledge gained.
    (AMIDEAST- USA Education)

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